Object Relations

Collaborative Project with Patrick Sanchez




The aim of this project was to examine symbol formation and non-verbal communication. Participants were cast in groups of two and four individuals. Each person was given a set of Play-Doh in primary colors, black and white. Each group was told to conduct a conversation non-verbally by forming blocks or other shapes. Each 30-45 minute session was to be conducted in silence. The outcome of each session was documented in the composite picture of the dialogue that was created. Participants were photographed throughout each session and verbally debriefed afterward. This project was exhibited at Morpho Gallery in October 2011. In the exhibition, 80 photographs of the process and the composite images were presented along with the objects that were created in the project as well as a set of the raw materials for viewers to add their own contribution to the overall dialogue. The composite pictures of each of the seven sessions are presented below.


To view the process photographs on Flickr click the link or photograph below.



Process Photographs on Flickr




Exhibition View October 2011

Composite Photographs